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South-West Indoor T&F Championships 2018-9

South-West Indoor T&F Championships 2018-9

The South-West has many great features: historic buildings, glorious scenery, impressive beaches, etc. --- but no 200m Indoor Track. So the 2019-20 South-West Indoor Championships had to be held in Cardiff. The events were:

  • Sun. December 2nd: U13/15/17 Day 1: Results
  • Sun. January 6th: U13/15/17 Day 2: Results
  • Sun. January 20th: U20 / Seniors: Results

Note: the South-West medals were awarded by comparing performances of those who declared themselves as eligible for South-West competition. The organisers cannot simply look at club names (e.g. an athlete may have recently moved to the South-West and have not yet established a residential qualification)

Medal Count from 2018-9 Championships.

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