Athletics In The South-West

Describing the sport of Athletics
in Avon, Cornwall, Devon,
Dorset, Gloucestershire,
Somerset and Wiltshire.

South-West Championships

South-West Track and Field Championships

History: for several years, this event was a five-sided Inter-County Team competition (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire): when Avon and Gloucestershire were moved into the South-West region, they were included in the contest. In recent years it has been a combination of Inter-County and Individual competition.

There will not be a South-West Track and Field Championships in 2020. The regular structure in recent years has been;

  • Events are provided for U13/U15/U17/U20/Senior athletes for each gender.
  • Competitors (EA-registered only) enter as individuals (subject to achieving entry standards), whether or not they are likely to be selected for their County team.
    • Championships Best Performances (after 2019 event)
      • (Note: Several sets of results from earlier SW Championships are missing. If you have documented data for performances which equal / exceed the listed CBP, please contact David Cooke).
  • Individual Results from the 2019 Championships
  • Team Results from the 2019 Championships
  • Individual Results from the 2018 Championships.
  • County Team Results from the 2018 Championships

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