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Next Fixture

Round 1 for 2017:
Sunday 9th July
At Yate
11.00am Start

Introduction to the League

The Avon Track and Field League was set up in 1984 to provide locally-based Track and Field competition for clubs in or around the Bristol / Gloucester area. The number of participating clubs has varied over the years. The organisation is not connected with the Avon Athletic Association (there's no rivalry: we just carry out different functions in the sport).

There are four fixtures each season, scheduled if possible to avoid the other League fixtures to which member clubs are commited. There are events for all age groups including Under-13's and Masters, with a Quadkids competition for Under-11's. The League operates two alternating timetables.

THE LEAGUE IN 2017: The League's fixtures will be on July 9th (Yate), July 30th (Gloucester), August 13th (Yate) and September 10th (Yate). The fixtures will again start at 11.00am. There will be some minor timetable changes, so it would be better if you threw away (sorry, recycled) the 2016 timetables.

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