Athletics In The South-West

Describing the sport of Athletics
in Avon, Cornwall, Devon,
Dorset, Gloucestershire,
Somerset and Wiltshire.

Opportunities Other Than Competitions

Level 1 Officials Courses and Above
Date Location Course Name
13th/14th May
20th/21st May
29th/30th May
On-Line courses Level 1 Field Officials courses
Tue. 21st May
Tue. 28th May
On-Line course Level 1 Track Officials courses
Thu. 16th May
Tue. 29th May
On-Line courses Level 1 Starter/Asst. courses
Mon. 13th May
Wed. 29th May
On-Line courses Level 1 Timekeeper courses
(No current dates) On-line courses Level 1 PhotoFinish courses
Fri. 31st May On-Line course Level 1 Endurance courses
(No current dates) On-Line course Risk Awareness Course
(No current dates) On-Line course Level 4 Theory Course
Advance entry is required; Closing dates apply. Further information can be found on the "Courses and Bookings" section of the England Athletics Website.

Activists from our area can also attend Officials courses run by Welsh Athletics.