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in Avon, Cornwall, Devon,
Dorset, Gloucestershire,
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News From The South-West

July 2021: EA Volunteer Awards Nomination Process Open
The nomination process for the 2021 EA Volunteer Awards is now open, and nominations can be made on-line. some of the categories have changed this time round. The full details of the process can be found at The EA Website

The 2020 South-West Volunteer Awards were announced (via Zoom) at a ceremony on the evening of November 28th. The 2020 list of winners can be found at This Web Page.

The 2019 list of winners can be found at This Web Page.

March 2021: Consultation on 2022-24 UKA Rule Book
"That Rule is silly: they should change it". Well, we are due for a new UKA Rule Book in 2022, and UKA has started a Consultation Process. While clubs can make proposals on their own, it can only be to their advantage to let their County AA and/or the South-West Council know what they are thinking. Precise wording for the proposed rule change is not needed at this stage: just the general idea.
October 2020: EA South-West Conference (Virtual)
The 2020 EA South-West Conference was held virtually on Saturday 31st October; the draft Notes of the Conference are Here.
August 2020: Athletics History Websites
Athletics Museum

The Athletics Museum Website. An on-line collection of athletics nostalgia, inculding from past English Schools meetings.

Okay, City of Hull AC scarcely counts as a South-West club, but its website has an excellent Athletics History section, with earlier pages covering events well beyond Humberside.

A Bit Off Course -- Another Athletics History Website
July 2020: About The Area Road Relays
Area Road Relays: Clubs from the 'Original' five South-West Counties (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire) may opt to enter either the Midland Relays or the Southern Road Relays (but not both in the same season). However both Autumn events (and the National events for which the Area Senior Men's races serve as qualifiers) have been cancelled for 2020.
July 2019: County Officials Secretaries
South-West Schools Officials Secretary: Irene Brown
April 2019: A Re-Arrangement of the EA South-West Council
From April 1st 2019, David Cooke, Sonya Ellis and Richard Llewellyn-Eaton are re-elected to the council, and Paul D'Arcy and John Deaton are elected for the first time. Council Chair Keith Reed steps down after serving the maximum of two four-terms, as does Mo Pearson; Tony Gale has opted not to seek a second four-year term.

The new Chair of the EA South-West Council is Richard Llewellyn-Eaton.

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