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News From The South-West

April 2024: EA Volunteer Awards -- South-West
Nominations for the 2024 EA South-West Volunteer Awards can be made at This Site.

The closing date for nominations is June 18th 2024. Yes, less than half way through the year. So some record of activity in late 2023 will presumably be acceptable.

The winning SW nomainations in each category will be considered for the EA National Volunteer awards. The number of successful SW nominatons in 2023: None. Again.

November 2023: EA Volunteer Awards -- South-West
The EA South-West Volunteer Awards for 2023 were made on Saturday November 11th at the Devon Hotel, Exeter.
  • Club of the Year:
    • Winner: Somer AC
    • Runner-Up: Exeter Harriers
  • Coach of the Year:
    • Winner: Mark Thomas (Team Bath AC)
    • Runner-Up: Julian Emery (North Somerset AC)
  • Community Project of the Year:
    • Winner: Par Track Ltd.
    • Runner-up: Littledown Harriers
  • Club Leader of the Year:
    • Winner: Sarah Swift (Poole Runners)
    • Runner-Up: Tom Hutchison (Team Bath AC)
  • Contribution to Running:
    • Winner: Honiton Running Club
    • Runner-Up: Plymouth Falconers
  • Newcomer to Volunteering:
    • Joint Winner: Moni Brady (Bristol & West AC)
    • Joint Winner: Charlie Milward (Erme Valley Harriers)
  • Inspiring Official (not prioritised):
    • Pete Davenport (Bristol & West AC)
    • Stuart Nunn (Yate & District AC)
    • Mandy Sinden (Cornwall AC)
  • Services to Athletics and Running (not prioritised):
    • Pat Gallagher (Westbury Harriers)
    • Nick & Sally Higman (Yeovil Olympiads AC / Somerset AA)
    • Paul Ross (Erme Valley Harriers)
    • Dave Turner (Avon Schools AA / Avon AA)

More details of the award winners and runners-up can be seen at This page of the EA website.

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October 2023: 700gm Javelin Specification Change
The latest UKA Rules document mentioned a change of specification for the 700gm Javelin, to be effective from April 2025. It might be advisable to spread the word among club / stadia equipment providers that they would be best to hang on to their 700gm javelins through 2024 unless they absolutely have to replace them.
April 2023: EA South-West Council Nominations
From April 3rd 2023, the members of the EA South-West Council are: Brian Baker, Debbie Brooks, Paul D'Arcy, John Deaton, Holly Newman, Charlotte Phillips and Elliot Prince. David Cooke, Sonya Ellis and Richard Llewellyn-Eaton step down after serving the maximum of two four-year terms.

The Chair of the EA South-West Council is Paul D'Arcy.
April 2023: County Officials Secretaries
South-West Schools Officials Secretary: Irene Brown
October 2021: A Bit About Starters

Starters? They just fire their guns a few times and go home, don't they?

Well, for one thing, they need to Maintain Their Pistols.

Can't someone invent something cheap that gives a clear bang (for the athletes), a clear flash (for the timekeepers), and doesn't involve all the Firearms Licence formalities and associated security, both at the meetings and when back home? That's been talked about for many a long year.

This is a response from a regular Starter in the South-West region:
  • Most international meetings now use electronic start systems and there are an increasing number available on the market. Many are usually compatible with electronic time keeping, photo finish and false start systems and can be added to a club's existing facilities. I know [two venues] have invested in electronic start systems but I am not sure if they were that cheap.
  • In the few cases where I have used electronic systems athletes have commented that the 'bang' takes a bit of getting used to and timekeepers have their own opinions on the 'flash'. The systems are getting better though in this respect and much depends on the system used.
  • A couple of us local starters are doing some research into electronic start systems and there are a few outlets that can supply such systems. We feel an electronic system is an important step to take for two main reasons:
    1. UKA are under pressure from the Home Office to phase out firearms and individual police forces are putting more stringent requirements on starters with guns.
    2. To aid recruitment of new starters.
  • We have recruited a couple of starters assistants in the past year or two but, while there is interest in starting, firearms with all the incumbent security and maintenance put most people off. We feel electronic start systems would really help recruitment.
October 2021: EA South-West Conference (Virtual)
The 2021 EA South-West Conference was held virtually on Saturday 16th October; the draft Notes of the Conference are Here.

The 2020 EA South-West Conference was held virtually on Saturday 31st October; the draft Notes of the Conference are Here.
August 2020: Athletics History Websites
Athletics Museum

The Athletics Museum Website. An on-line collection of athletics nostalgia, inculding from past English Schools meetings.

Okay, City of Hull AC scarcely counts as a South-West club, but its website has an excellent Athletics History section, with earlier pages covering events well beyond Humberside.

A Bit Off Course -- Another Athletics History Website