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Other Competitions in the South-West

Other Competitions In the South-West

This page lists some athletic competitions not promoted or co-ordinated by the EA South-West Council but which involve South-West athletes.
London Mini-Marathon: The 2021 London Marathon goes ahead on Sunday 3rd October, as does the London Mini Marathon. The South-West teams for this event were selected with the help of a Trials event for a list of athletes based on Power of 10 rankings, held in Taunton on Sunday 12th September. Four athletes per age/gender were selected automatically from the trials, with the remaining two places plus reserve slots being filled following a selectors' meeting via Zoom. For a list of the selected athletes and reserves, please Click Here.

The South-West teams originally selected for the 2020 event can be found Here.

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SW Sportshall Championships: Each of the seven County Sportshall organisations (not necessarily the same as the County Association) are entitled to enter teams: in recent seasons only four have done so. The 2020 Championships were scheduled for the Paignton Sports Centre on Saturday 21st March, but fell victim to the CoronaVirus restrictions.

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South West Schools Championships: Each of the seven Counties has their own Schools Association and there is a South-West Schools AA which promotes the region's Schools Championships; these South-West Championships are important factors for County Schools AAs when making selections for their respective English Schools Championships teams.

The scheduled Championships dates for 2021 are or were:
  • Cross-Country Championships: February: Wiltshire (Cancelled)
  • Track & Field Championships: (Saturday 19th June, Exeter Arena -- Cancelled)
  • Combined Events Championships: (Weekend 26th/27th June, Yeovil)

Leagues mainly involving South-West Clubs
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South-West Athletic League   Charles Stanley Westward Cross-Country League
Wessex XC League
(Site currently inactive)
  Avon Track and Field League

Leagues Involving Clubs Further Afield
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John H. Collins Gwent Cross-Country League   Gloucestershire Cross-Country League
Youth Development League   National Athletics League

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