Athletics In The South-West

Describing the sport of Athletics
in Avon, Cornwall, Devon,
Dorset, Gloucestershire,
Somerset and Wiltshire.

England Athletics South-West Council

England Athletics England Athletics currently has nine Regional Councils: North-East; North-West; Yorkshire and The Humber; East Midlands; West Midlands; East; London; South-East; and of course the South-West. Each has responsibility for representing the volunteer interests of the sport, supporting the staff in their area and giving input into investment.

The EA South-West Council meets roughly four times a year (remotely, at present), often welcoming leading EA personnel to keep us informed of matters beyond our borders.

There is an open invitation to each South-West County Association to send representatives (Swords and Floppy Hats not required!).

Unlike the other Regional Councils, the SW Council promotes its own Championships.

The Council has the difficult job of selecting among many worthy candidates the South-West winners of the EA Volunteer Awards and (in a year of normal athletic activity) of naming the South-West Athlete of the Year in various categories.