Athletics In The South-West

Describing the sport of Athletics
in Avon, Cornwall, Devon,
Dorset, Gloucestershire,
Somerset and Wiltshire.

EA South-West Council Meetings

Notes of Recent EA SW Council Meetings
(Next meeting:
June 29th)
January 2022 March 2022 May 2022
August 2021 September 2021 November 2021
April 2021 June 2021 July 2021
December 2020 January 2021 (March 10th: cannot trace them)
November 2019 (4th March: cannot trace them) August 2020
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July 2018 November 2018 January 2019

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Each of the nine EA Regional Councils is entitled to be represented at the meetings of the EA National Council (generally held in Birmingham, on Wednesday during the working day, but being held remotely for the present). SW Council Chair Richard Llewellyn-Eaton represents the South-West when his employment commitments allow, otherwise John Deaton attends.

Sections of This Site:

The South-West Counties

This directs you to the websites of the seven South-West Counties and of the corresponding Schools Associations

The EA South-West Council

What it does for athletes, coaches, officials, etc.; Who currently serves.

South-West Championships

Details of the Championships which the South-West Council organises or manages.

Other SW Competitions

Information about other competitions available to athletes in the area.

Non-Competition Events

Opportunities other than competitions for athletics activists.

Other SW News

Other aspects of athletics in the area; Information links.

Tech. Stuff

Suggestions for enhancements for websites, meeting arrangements, and the like.

Results Archive

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