Avon AA Business Meetings

We assure you that our Committee meetings bear no resemblance to the "Discussion between the Carullists and Molinists" (followers of two nineteenth-century Classical Guitar virtuosi) shown above!

Executive Committee Meetings of the Avon Athletic Association are normally held every two months. Currently we are meeting at UWE's Frenchay Campus: we need to fit in with UWE's routine use of rooms for their students and staff, so we cannot guarantee a particular room, or even a particular block, for our meetings. Parking at UWE in the evenings (but not in the daytime!) is free: Car Park 3 will usually be the most convenient.

If anyone needs detailed directions to the meeting venue, please contact the Secretary.

  • Next meeting: AGM, Date To Be Announced, UWE Frenchay Campus, 7.30pm.
  • Previous meeting: Monday 27th January 2020

  1. Apologies for Absence.
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting.
  3. Matters Arising from previous AGM (Monday 25th March 2019).
  4. Chairman's Remarks
  5. Secretary's Report
  6. Treasurer's Report
  7. Election of Officers
  8. Election of Other Secretaries / Coordinators
  9. Election of Trustees
  10. Election of Independent Examiner of Accounts
  11. Close of Business

  12. The AGM will be followed by a Committee Meeting (Agenda to be announced)

    John Deaton, General Secretary, Avon AA