Local Road / MT Races


Avon Races with Permits Issued or Applied For Include:
Fri. 24th May   GWR Towpath Series R1 (10km/Mob Match)
..... Entry Details
Sat. 25th May   British Masters Road Relays, Mallory Park, Leics.  
Mon. 3rd June   Hogweed 10km
..... Entries
Mon. 3rd June   Blaise Blazer 4M MT race
..... Entries
Wed. 5th June   Bitton RR 5km Series Race 2
..... Entries
Sun. 9th June   Bradley Stoke 10km
..... Entries
Tue. 11th June   Clevedon Midsummer 10km
..... Entries
Fri. 21st June   GWR Towpath Series R2 (10km)
..... Entry Details
Thu. 27th June   Thornbury 10km
..... Entries
Wed. 3rd July   Bitton RR 5km Series Race 3  
Fri. 19th July   GWR Towpath Series R3 (10km)
..... Entry Details
Wed. 7th Aug.   Bitton RR 5km Series Race 4  
Fri. 23rd Aug.   GWR Towpath Series R4 (5km)
..... Entry Details
Sun. 22nd Sept.   Oldbury on Severn 10M  

Some local events are parts of a series of races: for more information visit This Page. An orange box at the right indicates that the event incorporates the Avon Championships; a green box indicates the event is part of the South-West Inter-Counties Road Race competition.

Listed below are some of the major once-a-year road races of the British calendar: the entry systems may or may not be open for the next edition of the race.

Event Name Comments
London Marathon  
Bath Half Marathon  
Bristol Half Marathon / 10km etc.  
Great (North, South, etc.) Runs  

For anyone willing to travel further for their road racing, an event listing can be found at The RunBritain Website.