Local Road / MT Races

Avon Races with Permits Issued or Applied For Include:
Thu. 20th Sept.   Weston Prom Run 2018-9 Series 5M  
Sun. 23rd Sept.   Simplyhealth Great Bristol Half Marathon  
Sun. 7th Oct.   Keynsham 10km  
Sat. 13th Oct.   UK Cross Challenge / JH Collins Gwent League, Cardiff  
Sun. 14th Oct.   Great West Half Marathon, Exeter
.... Event Details
Sun. 14th Oct.   Mendip Muddle 20km MT Race  
Thu. 25th Oct.   Weston Prom Run 2018-9 Series 5M  
Sun. 28th Oct.   Gloucester 10km
..... Event Details
Sun. 28th Oct.   Nightingale Nightmare 10km MT race, Bedminster  
Thu. 20th Nov.   Weston Prom Run 2018-9 Series 5M  
(Updated as at 9th September)

Some local events are parts of a series of races: for more information visit This Page. An orange box at the right indicates that the event incorporates the Avon Championships; a green box indicates the event is part of the South-West Inter-Counties Road Race competition.

Listed below are some of the major once-a-year road races of the British calendar: the entry systems may or may not be open for the next edition of the race.

Event Name Comments
London Marathon  
Bath Half Marathon  
Bristol Half Marathon / 10km etc.  
Great (North, South, etc.) Runs