Local Road / MT Races

Avon Races with Permits Issued or Applied For Include:
Thu. 26th Oct.   Weston Prom Race Series Race  
Sun. 29th Oct.   Nightingale Nightmare 10km MT,
(likely to sell out)
Tue. 31st Oct.   Aztec West Fast 5km Series
..... Cancelled
Sun. 13th Nov.   Sodbury Slog 8.5M MT Race FULL  
Thu. 28th Nov.   Weston Prom Race Series Race  
Thu. 14th Dec.   Weston Prom Race Series Race  
Sun. 17th Dec.   Weston Christmas Cracker 10km FULL  
Tue. 26th Dec.   Clevedon Boxing Day 4M  
Mon. 1st Jan.   Hangover 10km, Kewstoke, WSM  
Sun. 14th Jan.   Riverbank Rollick 8.5M MT, Thornbury
(Sells out fast)
Sun. 21st Jan.   Gloucester Marathon / 50km  
Thu. 25th Jan.   Weston Prom Race Series Race  
(Updated as at 15th October)

Some local events are parts of a series of races: for more information visit This Page. An orange box at the right indicates that the event incorporates the Avon Championships; a green box indicates the event is part of the South-West Inter-Counties Road Race competition.

Listed below are some of the major once-a-year road races of the British calendar: the entry systems may or may not be open for the next edition of the race.

Event Name Comments
London Marathon  
Bath Half Marathon  
Bristol Half Marathon / 10km etc.  
Great (North, South, etc.) Runs