Athletics Other Than Mainstream

This section of the site is intended to cover all aspects of athletics away from the "mainstream", whether included in the Paralympics or not.

World Para LogoParalympic and similar athletes will be given a certain IPC classification: for an explanation visit The IPC Athletics Website.

Mr. Kang Chen The Deaflympics. Deaf athletes were not eligible for the 2020 Paralympics (unless they had another disability which qualified them). However they have their own event, the Deaflympics (its official name), which will next be held in November 2025 in Tokyo. There is also a Winter Deaflympics, last held in Ankara (Turkey) from 18th to 28th February 2024. The events use only hearing-impaired officials and administrators.

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Cerebral Palsy Sport
. The CPISRA (Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association) merged with the the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation to form World Abilitysport.

Special Olympics logoSpecial Olympics. Athletes with intellectual disabilities have the Special Olympics World Games: the next Winter Games will be in 2022 (well, January 2023, in Kazan, Russia); The 2023 Games were the Summer version, held in Berlin; the 2026 Games will be in Minnesota, USA. There is also a wide range of events within Great Britain and other countries.

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Guiding Visually Handicapped Runners
. A visually handicapped runner may need someone, of pretty good athletic ability, to guide them. How should the guide go about it? See This Document.

For more information about disability sport, visit the website of Activity Alliance (formerly known as the English Federation of Disability Sport).