Disclosure & Barring Services Checks

(formerly: CRB Checks)

Athletics Coaches, Officials and others likely to come into contact with children or vulnerable adults are now required to go through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking procedure, and to renew every three years. This is a separate check from any which you might need to go through for employment, etc., although those who work in more than one capacity in club athletics (e.g. coaches who also officiate) only need to go through a single 'athletics' check.

ON-LINE APPLICATION / RENEWAL: An on-line facility for DBS applications / renewals has been introduced: see the EA website for details.

If you would prefer a paper-based system, you are still catered for: apply for a form to Athletics Welfare, PO Box 332, Sale, Manchester M33 6XL.

A few points:

  • The "Registered Body" is: UK Athletics Ltd. (despite the re-brand to "British Athletics"); Registered Body number: 22525500000). You will need an Enhanced check. Make it clear if you are a volunteer so that you are not charged (if you're paid, you need to send a cheque for £44 payable to "UKA").
  • Renewals are due every three years.
  • Athletics forms must be sent back to British Athletics, not to the DBS.
  • For the identity check, you need three methods of identification: the acceptable documents are specified at This Site.
  • Under-16's may not apply for a DBS checks: there are certain categories of volunteers for whom a full DBS check is not really appropriate. For such people, there are the forms in the menu to the right of This Page.

For fuller information about the Disclosure and Barring Service and how it operates, consult The DBS pages of the www.gov.uk website.

For athletics, any concerns from clubs or individuals should in the first instance should be passed to the welfare team at UKA who will advise on the next course of action.

Just one extra thought: if you're ill, you'd much rather be treated by a doctor than by a vet. Yet you'd much rather be vetted than doctored ...