Resources for Clubs

Resources for Clubs
Sport England have set up This Site to dispense advice on the administrative side of running a club.
GRANTnet: "a straightforward FREE-to-use service from GRANTfinder, can help groups and small businesses like yours to find suitable funding" (it says on their website).
Legal Help-Line: A service negotiated by EA for affiliated clubs (follow link for conditions)
Quadkids: A quick, easy to assemble, easy to run format of athletics for children.
athleFIT: "AthleFIT is the brand new fitness programme from England Athletics which combines athletics with a fun and exciting programme of getting and keeping fit and will “take athletics to the people” providing accessible non competitive fitness sessions based upon athletics and ultimately - where there is a desire - a link through to athletics clubs and competition" (it says on the EA website).
UKA Accident Report Form.

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