Grants For Athletes?

After an examination of its potential sources of income and its likely expenditure commitments, the Avon AA has regretfully decided that it cannot make any Athlete Grant awards for the foreseeable future.

Other Possible Sources of Grants
Awarding Body Award Name Current? Closing Date More Details
GLL Sport Foundation GLL Sport Foundation Yes Passed  
Great Western Runners Arthur Dagger Memorial Fund Yes Passed  
England Athletics Athletics for the Young Charity No Passed Click Here
Ron Pickering Memorial Fund Ron Pickering Memorial Fund No Passed Click Here
Bruce Longden Foundation Bruce Longden Foundation Awards
(mainly for Hurdles coaches / athletes)
Yes Ongoing? Click Here
Robert Ashwood Memorial Fund Robert Ashwood Memorial Fund
(Midlands Middle / Long Distance Runners 18-23)
Yes Ongoing Click Here
Anyone proposing to apply for these grants is advised to read the application details carefully and submit the application exactly as required. Failure to do so could diminsh, or even totally scupper, your chances of an award.

John Deaton, General Secretary, Avon AA