Road Race Licensing Process

From September 1st 2022, applications for Road Race licences are noe handled by England Athletics. More information can be found at This Web Page.

Our Road Running Coordinator Arthur Renshaw will be available to advise local Road Race promoters on the licensing process but has no say in the issue or non-issue of licences.

Road Race Risk Assessments

The process of gaining a Licence for your Road Race now includes doing (or having done for you) a Risk Assessment.

It's not as bad as it sounds: a lot of it is stating on a form the sort of checks which the conscientious Race Organiser will be carrying out in his / her mind when planning a race (including hazards on the competitors' route to and from the start and finish). There are people in the County who have attended UK Athletics Seminars on the subject and who may be available to help (no charge, but petrol expenses would be appreciated).

And if the worst happens, and there is an accident during the race? If you can produce the completed Risk Assessment document, and show that you have done what you can to reduce any "High" or "Medium" risk categories to "Low", then you are in a much stronger position if the legal fur and feathers start flying. If you have not done any Risk Assessment (the "Oh well, it's only a Fun Run" approach maybe) then things might be rather more problematical.

You can get more details of the Risk Assessment process, and download the required form,
at the UK Athletics Web Site

Road Racing -- Police Involvement?

Some novice organisers think: "Oh, a race on public roads. I'd better go along and see the local Police ...". This statement from the Association of Chief Police Officers explains what the Police can (or more accurately, won't or can't) do for you.