The Drugs Issue

What Will Happen?

Even if you're not one of the sport's elite, you may be called upon to go through a drugs test. And a refusal counts as a failure. Here's what will happen.

Drugs tests could affect Masters athletes too: they should visit This Site.

To read more about the work of the World Anti-Doping Agency, Visit their Website.

To read the list of Banned Drugs applicable from January 1st 2024 Follow This Link.

To read the WADA list of explanatory notes, Follow This Link.

Please note the addition of Tramadol (sometimes prescribed by doctors in good faith for pain relief) to the list from January 1st 2024.
The Website of UK Anti-Doping. Dedicated to education about, and prevention of, sporting drug abuse in the United Kingdom.
The Website of Global Drug Reference Online. Some products, prescribed by doctors or on sale at reputable High Street chemists and taken by respectable non-sporting citizens, could cause drugs-test failures: check what you're taking with this site. And remember if you're called for a drugs test, to declare everything you've taken, not just what your doctor prescribed.

"Sports Supplements" aren't in themselves illegal drugs (or even necessary), but could possibly be contaminated with banned substances. Visit This Site for advice about these.