Meet Our Officers and Other Officials

This painting, by John Morgan (1861), represents what our Officers and Committee might have looked like in those days (if the Avon AA had existed). Actually it shows a group of the worthies of Aylesbury, Bucks. Among other differences, we welcome women nowadays

President Pam Gooding  
Chairperson (Position Vacant)  
Secretary John Deaton Address: 14 Tamworth Drive, Shaw, Swindon SN5 5QG Phone number 01793 - 874491.
Treasurer Hilary Nash  
Coaching Co-Ordinator Jim Strudwick  
Road Running Co-Ordinator Arthur Renshaw  
Track & Field Co-Ordinator Vacancy Secretary acting as stand-in
Cross-Country Co-Ordinator John Deaton  
Officials Secretary (Track) Steve Grant  
Officials Secretary (Endurance) Steve Grant  
Welfare Officer James Murphy  

Other Appointments
Sportshall Co-Ordinator David Turner Phone number 01934 - 832867

The Avon AA Trustees

The Avon AA Constitution says: "The Annual General Meeting shall elect three Trustees for a period of 3 years; one of whom shall retire in rotation each year but shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting. The Trustees shall be the Owners in Trust of all property and funds of the Association, and may, at their discretion, examine the financial records of the Association". The current Trustees are:

Avon AA Life Vice-presidents / Honorary Life Members

A list of the past and present Honorary Vice-Presidents and Honorary Life Members of the Association can be found Here.

(The Webmaster would welcome contributions of other obituaries of late Association activists)