Avon AA Website: About Us

Avon AA logo In Local Government terms, the administrative County of Avon no longer exists, but the Avon Athletic Association lives on! It caters for all aspects of athletics within the former County of Avon, which consisted of the local authority areas now known as:

  • Bath and North-East Somerset
  • Bristol
  • North Somerset
  • South Gloucestershire

England Athletics seems to regard us mainly as competition providers, but we consider ourselves as much more than that!

Our Member Clubs

Our current membership consists of fifteen clubs plus the Avon Schools Athletic Asociation: not all are able to offer all aspects of the sport; some are adult-only. For information (including contact details) of these clubs visit This Page.

Our Officers

It takes a lot of work to keep an organisation like ours going, and on This Page you can find the names and contact details for those who carry a great deal of the responsibility and workload

Our Business Meetings

Under Our Constitution we must hold an Annual General Meeting plus regular Executive Committee meetings. On this site you can find information about the Next Meeting, and the Minutes of Past Meetings going back to 2005 (if anyone can supply earlier information, please contact the Secretary).

Other South-West Counties

There are six other South-West Counties: you can reach their websites (and the websites of their corresponding Schools Associations) via This Page.

Beyond Avon

There are other organisations which the Avon AA often has dealings with: visit This Page. There are other organisations with "Avon" in their name which we do not have connections.