SW Cross-Country Championships

  • South-West Cross-Country Championships
    • The 2020-21 Championships, first postponed until Sunday 21st February 2021, at RNAS Merryfield (8 miles south-east of Taunton), has now been cancelled. This new date was inside the current extent of the lockdown period announced by Boris Johnson: there was no guarantee that any replacement date would not fall totally or largely under restrictions forcing a further abandonment.

      If you would like your entry fees to be refunded, then you will need to complete This On-line Form. Please be patient with us however as it could take a few weeks. But if entrants would be prepared to allow their fees to be carried forward to the 2021-22 season event (currently intended for Sunday 2nd January 2022, venue t.b.a.), that would be great.

      The organisers have denied that officials would have used the transportation normally seen at Merryfield:

    • In a normal season:
      • Inter-Club competition: U13/15/17: 4 to score. Senior Men (U20/Masters eligible): 5 to score . Senior Women (U20/Masters eligible): 4 to score.
      • Inter-County Competition: The seven South-West counties compete against each other. U13/U15/U17/U20: 4 to score. SW/SM: 6 to score.
    • The 2020 Results can be found Here (Spreadsheet format).
    • The 2019 Results can be found Here.
    • The 2018 Results can be found Here (Spreadsheet format).
    • The 2017 Results can be found Here (Spreadsheet format).
    • Who competes? U13/U15/U17/U20/Senior athletes for each gender
    • (there are also Development races for Under-11's (not in 2021 though), although there is no County team involvement)
    • Avon Team Vests: Maroon, two gold diagonals (same as Team Avon in the YDL UAG). These are not needed for the 2021 event.
    • London Mini Marathon Teams: with the next full-scale London Marathon being set for October 3rd 2021, the next LMM will presumably take place on the same day. Results from Winter 2020-21 season Cross-Country events (if any) will be of little or no value for selection for an event several months ahead, so one or more trial races (dates, formats, venues, and even age-group rules have still to be decided) will be used for selection purposes.

Organising a major Cross-Country meeting? That's simple, you just shove up some stakes and marker tape and recruit a few marshals, don't you? Er, not quite. Here is a link to the Tender Document for those who might have wanted to stage the 2014 South-West Cross-Country Championships.