Endurance Officials

Training Courses For Endurance Officials

Date Location Course Name Comments
Fri. 31st May On-Line L1 Endurance Officials Course  
(No current dates) On-Line Endurance Risk Awareness Course  
For details of Endurance Officials courses, visit This Site. Closing dates apply.
Any Time YouTube
You have had an intercom radio thrust into your hands at a meeting. This YouTube Video from Welsh Athletics gives a guide to what you should and shouldn't do and say when operating it.

There is a new Level 1 award: Endurance Timekeeper. To gain this award, you must:

  • Complete the full Level 1 Endurance course including risk awareness.
  • Work with a more experienced timekeeper at 4 endurance (out of stadium) events to include both timekeeping and timekeeper’s recorder duties. Race Walking events can be included. All events must be competitions taking place under UKA rules.
  • Submit an application form listing the experiences.
  • Complete a DBS police check through UK Athletics or Home Country equivalent.

There is no progression beyond Level 1.

Endurance Officials -- Realignment of Levels

This is the officiating structure from April 1st 2016 for Endurance officials:

  • Level 1: Club (capable of Officiating at small club and local races of around 250 runners or less.
  • Level 2: County (capable of Officiating at county or district standard races of around 600 runners or less. They will also be qualified to referee local or club races provided they have completed the required course modules.
  • Level 3: Regional (capable of Officiating at Home Country Championships, or races of 1000 runners or less. Can act as race referee and more senior positions at races at county, regional or district level, or races of 1000 athletes or less.
  • Level 4: UK Official: capable of Officiating at UK wide races, or large field races over 1000 runners; Can act as race referee and more senior positions in larger races. Race Management: Their skills will orientate around the administration and organisation of an off track race. Such officials will focus on development of key areas of officiating and event management, organisation and support functions.
  • Level 5: International: major roles in IAAF races.

Officials qualified as at March 31st 2016 were automatically transferred to their new levels (L2a to L1; L2b to L2; L2c to L3; L3/L4 to L4), and will keep that status provided that they keep their DBS status up to date.

Endurance Officials: Record Of Experience

Officials please note: at the end of each Track season you need to submit your Record of Experience. Please visit the Form 10 Page for more details.

Road Racing: Traffic Management

Road ClosedThere are now Traffic Management courses for Road and MT/Cross Country officials (no current dates known locally). H&S legislation requires event management and those employed to carry out marshalling duties on roads to establish and maintain safe working practices. The course is open to UKA Licensed officials and is for Race Directors, Sector Marshals and Course Managers/ Directors. On completion of the day and an assessment each delegate will have the qualification to sign and implement road closures and diversions. An on-line refresher course is required every three years.