Avon AA : Road Running

The Avon AA is no longer responsible for Road Race Licensing in the County: however Arthur Renshaw maintains a list of Road and Multi-Terrain races in the area, from which the Webmaster has extracted This Listing. Some of these are once-a-year events; some clubs promote a Series of Races throughout the season.

The Association itself does not currently promote Road or MT events, as it would not wish to impede the legitimate fund-raising events of its member clubs. For the same reason, our Road Running Championships are incorporated in existing club promotions.

Road Races need officials. As the problems for Cross-Country, Multi-Terrain and Road Running officials are fairly similar, they are covered by the single category of Endurance Official.

If you're visiting this page trying to find out about Inter-County Team competition: we have some , coming up! For this and other Road Running news, see This Page.