Past Meetings of the Avon AA

Detail from "The Sleeping Congregation" (1736) by William Hogarth, and not an image from one of our Committee Meetings!

Year Minutes of Meetings (.pdf files)
2017 February AGM2017

June July September  
2016 January AGM2016

June July September November
2015 January AGM2015

June No Meeting September November
2014 January AGM2014

April July September November
2013 January AGM2013

May No meeting September November
2012 January AGM2012

May July September November
2011 January AGM2011

May July September November
2010 January AGM2010 May July October November
2009 January AGM2009 May July September November
2008 February AGM2008 (no meeting) July September November
2007 January AGM2007 June July October December
2006 January AGM2006 May July September November
2005 January AGM2005 May July September November

Note that the layout of some earlier Minutes may be amended slightly from the "paper" version to cope with quirks in the software the Webmaster used at the time. The occasional minor typo has been corrected. The Minutes of the most recent Committee Meeting and the most recent AGM may not have been ratified yet.

For further details, or to ask for matters to be raised at the next meeting, E-Mail John Deaton