Track and Field Officials

Training Courses For T&F Officials
Date Course Course Details
Thu. 30th May
Wed. 12th June
Mon. 24th June
Tue. 9th July
Tue. 23rd July
L1 Starter / Assistant Booking details at This Link.
Tue. 28th May
Fri. 7th June
Mon. 10th June
Tue. 18th June
Tue. 2nd July
Tue. 16th July
Mon. 29th July
Track Judge Booking details at This Link.
11th/12th June
19th/20th June
24th/25th June
16th/17th July
29th/30th July
12th/13th Aug.
27th/28th Aug.
Field Judge Booking details at This Link.
Wed. 29th May
Mon. 10th June
Mon. 17th June
Wed. 26th June
Wed. 10th July
Thu. 25th July
Timekeeper Booking details at This Link.
Sun. 4th Aug. Photo-Finish  
(No current dates) Level 4 Theory Details
Any Time Health & Safety Online At 'Search our Courses' opt for Health & Safety Online" then click 'Search'
Any Time Radio Protocols You have had an intercom radio thrust into your hands at a meeting. This YouTube Video from Welsh Athletics gives a guide to what you should and shouldn't do and say when operating it.
Applications for Level 1 EA qualifications-bearing courses need to be made on-line; closing dates apply. Applicants will need also to go through the On-Line Health and Safety Course.

Further information can be found on the "Courses and Bookings" section of the England Athletics Website.

Activists from our area can also attend Officials courses run by Welsh Athletics, although in some cases they may give priority to Welsh residents.

Track and Field Officials -- The Levels

This is the officiating structure for Track and Field officials, and how to reach each level following your course. The relevant forms can be found at This Site.

  • Level 1:
    • Candidates need to:
      • Arrange for a DBS Check (not available for Under-16s)
      • Book onto an Officiating course (when doing this, a profile will be set up for you on the MyAthletics Portal.

        In a recently-imposed restriction, Under-16s may not sign on to L1 On-line courses.
      • Ensure there is a passport quality photograph saved to your profile in the myAthletics portal (head shot on a white background).
      • Complete the On-Line Health and Safety Module, and the On-Line Safeguarding Module.
      • Complete the Level 1 Application for Accreditation, and send it to England Athletics
    • After your first submission of a Record of experience form (visit This Page for more about this), the Avon AA will supply you with an Avon Officials Polo Shirt: you would need to wear this (or a polo-shirt of similar status) if officiating at Midland / SW T&F Championships events or similar.

  • Level 2:
    • Candidates need to:
      • Submit an application for accreditation at Level 2 showing a minimum of 10 competition experiences
      • Complete the Level 2 questions
      • Provide evidence of shadowing an event leader/chief judge/referee at a league/county meeting.
      • Obtain a report (which can be made by a Level 3 or higher with at least 2 years experience).
      • (Field Judges: the report will need to show that they can work competently on a long throw, showing full understanding of the safety protocols)
      • (Field Judges will need experience on all eight standard Field Events)
    • You will need to be at least a new Level 2 (with H&S option completed) to lead a long-throws event.
  • Level 3:
    • Candidates need to submit an application for accreditation for Level 3 showing a minimum of a further 10 competition experiences.
    • From October 2022 a minimum of two reports will be required for officials progressing to Level 3. At least one of these must be at a meeting at Regional level or above, and preferably by a Level 4 National level official. Please do not wait until the last minute to seek a report. Visit The UKA Website for more information.

      • Track Judges:
        • At least one report as a team leader/ chief judge or referee
        • At least one report as a team member or an additional report as a team leader
      • Field Judges:
        • At least one report as a team leader/chief judge or referee. This report must also show that the candidate understands and can apply the long throws protocol
        • At least one report showing competent use of EDM
      • Timekeepers:
        • At least two reports as a team member where photo finish is in operation. Must have 85% of times +/- 0.10
      • Photo-Finish:
        • At least two reports as a team member to include all the duties of a PF judge. One must show competence in using Finish Lynx equipment
      • Starter/Starters’ Assistant:
        • At least one report as a starter
        • At least one report as a starters’ assistant
      • Starters’ assistant:
        • At least two reports as a starters’ assistant
    • Officials below Level 4 are unlikely to be given officiating jobs at National level meetings or above, but there are other posts, not often found at lower level meetings, for which Level 3's may be considered. Here Is A List of some of them.
  • Level 4:
    • This level is for qualified officials with ambitions to work at National competitions or higher. This level will now be administered by UKA, not EA.
    • There is a 'Theory' Day, normally held in October, but there is much more than that: please read This Document for more information.
  • Level 5: Officials to take on principal officiating or organisational roles at National or International-level meetings
    • Unsurprisingly, special requirements apply here. This level will be administered by UKA

T&F Officials: Record Of Experience

Officials please note: at the end of each Track season you need to submit your Record of Experience. Please visit the Form 10 Page for more details.

Starters (especially lower-level or trainees) Please Note!

The Olympic 380 BBM imitation pistol has been reclassified, and it is now illegal to own one (we're talking about National Law, not just some UKA bureaucrat ruling).