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A Sea-Stag: The Badge of the 
former Avon County The Avon AA website was first created by me, John Deaton, before I was appointed as General Secretary of the Avon AA. Any items signed "John Deaton, General Secretary" (or similar), are items of official Avon AA business. Otherwise, views expressed are not necessarily the views of the Committee of the Avon Athletic Association or any of its member clubs. No mention of a product, magazine, athletic meeting, other web-site, etc. should be regarded as an endorsement by myself or by the County Association.

As I live outside (what was) Avon, I don't necessarily hear all the news that's going round. So please contact me if there's something which you think needs to be on the site.

The odd-looking creature on our pages (and on the Avon AA logo and banner) is a Sea-Stag (top half stag; bottom half fish); one of those totally non-functional animals that only heraldic designers can dream up, and then probably after a heavy night on the Mystic Potion.

The Sea-Stag was the badge of the former Avon County Council, and a pair of them acted as supporters of the shield in the Arms of the County Council. It represents in one creature two aspects of Avon: the Royal Forests, and the rivers, ports and sea. The Stag part has a set of antlers of twelve points (a “Royal Stag”), and has round its throat a crown with fleurs-de-lys to emphasise the royal aspect; on its shoulder it has a roundel of blue and white wavy lines to emphasise the watery aspect of the creature. Expressed in Blazon (the archaic language of heraldic description):

BADGE: A Sea Stag erect proper gorged with an ancient Crown of Fleurs de Lys Or and charged on the shoulder with a Fountain.

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