UKA Coaching Awards: Coach in Running Fitness

Coach in Running Fitness
To be eligible?
Age 18 or over. You're welcome even if you've never competed in the sport. You will need to go through a DBS check before qualifying.

Applicants for these courses must either:
  • Hold at least a Level One qualification, and have been actively involved assisting at Club coaching sessions for at least 3 months
  • or have been qualified at Coaching Assistant level for at least 3 months
To qualify?
Course bookings can be made at The UK Athletics Hub Website. You will need to register with / login to the UK Athletics Hub website.

The whole process needs to be completed within one year of Day 1 of your course (down from 2 years), although exemption could be granted in special circumstances (e.g. illness)

Who Should Go On This Course?
This endurance running qualification primarily for those working with runners up to and including the event group development stage. All applicants must be active leaders or coaches who have completed as a minimum a Level 1, Fitness in Running & Walking, LiRF or Coaching Assistant qualification. CiRF is about the broad application to non track based endurance running events rather than specific events or distances and is not designed for coaches who want to work with runners taking part in track based events such as 800m–10k track races or steeplechase. When qualified you will be insured to coach without supervision".

Currently qualified UKA Coaches looking to broaden their running specific skills can also choose to attend as part of their continued education.

You will learn how to coach endurance running on a variety of surfaces, how to plan a progressive training programme for runners, helping them to develop towards their specific goal. When qualified you will be insured to coach without supervision, working with Coaching Assistants and Leaders in Running Fitness to support you in delivering the sessions.


Course Dates include:

  • Taunton: 4th & 5th May, plus 8th May (on-line, 2 hours) plus 1st June & 27th July

Are you already qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness but apprehensive about taking the step up to Coach in Running Fitness level? Try one of these Webinars (no current dates on offer, though).

The Cost? £420. England Athletics affiliated club member cost: £255. You may be eligible for Avon AA support towards the cost.
The Small Print? You can read it Here
More Info? For more information, contact The Coach Education Team.