UK Coaching Awards: Leader in Running Fitness

UKA Leadership in Running Fitness Award
To be eligible?
Age 18 or over and -- er, that's it. You're welcome even if you've never competed in the sport. You will need to go through a DBS check before qualifying.

To qualify?
Course bookings can be made at The UK Athletics Hub Website. You will need to register with / login to the UK Athletics Hub website. CAUTION: these courses can fill up quickly, or be cancelled because UKA thinks nobody wants them.
Who Should Go On This Course?
"If you have an interest in running for fitness and you’d like to lead a group, then this is the course for you.

"The course will focus on the safe organisation of achievable and progressive running activity and how to lead a group of runners of varying ability".
Course Dates include:
  • Sun. 8th September, Exeter University
  • Sun. 15th September, Stourport on Severn
  • Sun. 29th September, Gloucester Details
  • Sun. 5th October, Chippenham Details
The Cost? Cost: Non-EA Affiliated: £160. EA-Affiliated: £140. You may be eligible for Avon AA support towards the cost.
The Small Print? You can read it Here
More Info? For more information, contact The Coach Education Team.